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Creative Choreography Workshop!

We have a Creative Choreography Workshop!

In this video our lovely Miss Claire shows us some of the key shapes to get creative and make our very own dances! (Link below)

See all the different dances you can create!

  • Try new shapes! Squares, rectangles, ovals, stars, pentagons...

  • Different combinations of shapes

  • Try different body parts! Wrists, shoulders, hips, head, heel of your foot...

  • Try imagining different places the paper could be; floor, above you, in front of you...

  • Different styles of music; fast, slow, dynamic, calming, upbeat

  • Using props; like a ribbon, a teddy, a short scarf

  • Don't forget your levels ;)

Once you have created your dance, we'd love to see! There are so many ways you can send us your dances!

  1. Video you dancing; (with permission if you would like it to appear on the Blog and/or Facebook - please rest assured without your permission your video will not be shared)

  2. You can write down the steps; i.e, triangle shape using toe on the floor, jump (saute), big circle with right hand in front...

  3. Draw a step by step diagram with your favourite colour pen!

We can't wait to learn your dances :D

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